"Seconds of Fame"

Facebook - WebCam Movie / Music Video Auto-Poster   - You only got 15 seconds to record

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IMPORTANT: Please Plan accordingly what second of time you want to embed your selected "MOVIE CLIP"

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Title Caption NFL GAME SCORE

1 .Allow Twambit to use your webcam.

before recording choose video color ( right menu on the bottom list )
2. Click Record button
3. After Initializing / Click Play
If you are satisfied with your recording
4. Choose a movie clip, enter caption, select caption color,
and click "Render"
After your recording with the movie are rendered
5. Click Upload and it will Auto-Post on Your Facebook Wall
Make a quick intro to pull them to another video, a fan page or website and you have 15 seconds to do it.. Be Creative, Speed Kills
" The Facebook Cloud-Cam requires you to login with Facebook"
Go back to the home page at the top and click the Facebook Login Button and come back